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Our first big hunt of the Fall season took place yesterday in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest (at the 2,300-foot level, north of Mt. St. Helens). My brother Don and I drove the Shroom Mobile (fondly named Jedediah, after the famous explorer) up into the national forest Thursday night and camped. We were then able to get out early in the morning ... right as the first raindrops began to fall! Despite the rain, we conducted a total of three forays into the forest, an average of two hours each. We were joined by new hunters (with kids! The youngest...

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When we hunt, we are focused on specific things we know and want to harvest: Golden Chanterelles, Morels, Lions Mane, Chicken of the Woods, Hedgehogs, Lobsters, Oysters, etc. But part of the joy of mushroom hunting is also discovery of the unknown. When my son and I lead groups down into the Gifford Pinchot, during a typical foray we may see 60 or 70 different varieties of mushrooms, of all sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Our new hunt participants almost always stop at the first interesting mushroom they see, and exult: "What is it? It's beautiful! Can we eat it?" And...

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